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«… Everything is peppered with black comedy musical, as irreverent songs — that are majestically performed by the cast — intertwine with ingenious comedic ideas» – Cinema Daily US

«…this film will leave you changed! In independent cinema, it's a delight to stumble upon a film like THE BITCOIN CAR, which breaks the mold with its innovative storytelling and picturesque visuals.» – Mail Newsgroup

«They are not exactly unaware of the impact of the mine on their community, but they have chosen to address it with absurdist joy—much like the crucified at the end of Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979)» – Journal of Religion and Film 


«…West then takes all that Luktvasslimo is trying to say and curates some of the most visually stunning and intentional frames I‘ve seen in recent years. The duo are a match made in electron heaven» – SLUG Magazine


«There's such a vibrance to The Bitcoin Car that it's impossible to not truly enjoy the film… Johansen is an absolute wonder here with a performance that is both sincere and otherworldly. This is her first feature film appearance and she's tasked with quite a lot to accomplish. She does so quite beautifully and has an aura about her that is charismatic and compelling." – The Independent Critic


«The casting is exquisite as each of the characters have their own multiple moments throughout the film where they absolutely steal the show without consent» – Henry Pham Movies


«…This sounds outlandish. Because it is. This film is wild! It’s so camp with all its sheen…» – Wasteland Film Review


«…this is a film that I believe will have a cult following» – Selig Film News


«…there is a lot to unpack from the trunk of The Bitcoin Car.» – Special Mark Productions


«…Luktvasslimo stages things so well that no matter how insane it is, it remains tightly composed and buoyed by its interior logic.» – Film Threat


“The Bitcoin Car breathes fresh air into new, Norwegian cinema. With his peculiar and frivolous feature debut, artist Trygve Luktvasslimo crashes into the film industry with a bang.” – Morgenbladet


A northern coastal village is invaded by a huge bitcoin mining complex.

The life of farmer Gloria and her ducks and goats will never be the same again.

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